www.Cheating-Partner.com Is a free tool that anyone can use to search for activities on the internet and mostly on dating websites. Any search with the tool will generate a response depending on how much we can find based on the information you’ve provided about the one you want to find information about.

All searches create a document with a report that we then send to your email if you have specified one. After we have sent it to you, the report will be deleted immediately. All searches with our tools are done on your own initiative, and any answers you receive will be seen as a ”tip” rather than facts when we NEVER can give you a completely guaranteed response, and above all what is the underlying factor.

Therefore, we always recommend that you first look up the answer you received from our tool and manually review them on the appropriate page as we have found the information you have searched for. All our searches are done automatically, which means that the service can not divulge certain things that a manual review of the information could have made. So, we ask you, ALWAYS start by checking out the tips we give you and then confront your partner about the information you have found. This is to avoid unnecessary misinterpretations and wrong conclusions that may otherwise occur.

It may take a while for our search warrant to generate a report for you, mainly because we are looking for the information you’ve provided that we will try to search in very large databases. The tool today is a free tool which makes it difficult for us to put on more servers that could have been searching more efficiently and, above all, much faster.