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This service i a free tool for everybody to use, but with that its allsaw means that we do not charge any thing and have to pay for all of the cost by our own. We realy need more help from other people that thinks just like us, and whants the online cheating on partners to end up.

What we need most right now is people that can help us to provide more computer power so we can scan faster in the future. For that we need som real human activity involved.

We are able to give you some money from the money we gets from are donations we recive in this website. How mutch you can earn is difuclt to tell and depends on how mutch help you can provide to us.

If you are intersed of making some money totaly automatic by just give away a litle bit of your network and computor power, fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as posseble.

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